Milwaukee Brewers…Gunning For A World Title

In 1969, the team that would eventually be known as the Milwaukee Brewers got their start as the Seattle Pilots. The team had only played one season when current MLB commissioner, Bud Selig, bought the team and moved them to Milwaukee to become the second professional baseball team to call the city home.

Despite their long history, the Milwaukee Brewers have only made it into the post season three times. In 1981, the team made the post season but took home no titles. 1982 was a slightly better year as the team won their division championship and went all the way to the World Series, losing in game seven to the St. Louis Cardinals. They would not have another winning season until 2008, when the team finally returned to the post season.

After more than 25 years of losing seasons, the Brewers are becoming a team to watch for. Although they did not play in the 2009 or 2010 post seasons, their record remains greatly improved over previous years, and in 2011, the team made it to the National League Championship, their longest run in the post season since their appearance in the World Series.

Winning or not, fans at Miller Park are in for a treat at Brewers games. The team’s official mascot, Bernie Brewer is present at home games, helping energize the crowd and cheering on his favorite team. Introduced in the early 1970s, the mascot was an instant hit with fans. He was retired in 1984 but popular demand had him back in the stadium and attending games by 1993.

In the early 90s, the Racing Sausages joined Bernie. These larger than life characters got their start on the big screen as a cartoon race. A few years later, the Polish Sausage, the Bratwurst, and the Italian Sausage actually appeared on the field to finish the race started on the screen. Beginning as a way to entertain children on the weekends, the race became so wildly popular that the cartoon sausage races were eventually phased out in favor of the real ones on the field and two more players were introduced.

The Hot Dog and the Chorizo have joined the other three to begin a tradition that has made them famous and the envy of other racing foods all over the country. Their most famous rivalry is with the Pittsburgh Pirates’ Racing Pierogies, the only other team the Sausages have raced.

Miller Park opened its doors in 2001, replacing the old Milwaukee County Stadium and becoming home to the Milwaukee Brewers. It boasts an amazing fan shaped retractable roof with seven panels, five of which move independently of each other. The roof can completely open or close in about ten minutes if necessary and stands 200 feet tall at its highest point. Miller Park features seating for almost 42,000 fans during games. The stadium was built using funds from a controversial sales tax that is scheduled to end in 2017 and lost one senator his reelection because of his vote.

Although perhaps not the most famous or successful team, the Milwaukee Brewers have a history and a culture not found anywhere else. The team plays hard through the highs and the lows, creating a game day experience that cannot be beat.  Whether you attend for the sausage race, or for the game itself, a Brewers game is one you are sure to remember for the rest of your life.